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How Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Can Benefit Your SaaS Startup Company.

The SaaS market has grown exponentially over the past few years. The worldwide valuation of SaaS market is beyond $71 Billion in 2018 This exponential growth of the SaaS market introduced concepts like marketing automation very popular. Another concept that became popular is Chatbots and Conversational Marketing

Here we are presenting the four ways your SaaS startup can use Artificial Intelligence Chatbots effectively to optimize your online performance and reach your audience in a more meaningful way.

1. Define Your Audience:

A Chatbot directs you to define your audience. Below are the two ways to find out what your target audience is:

1) Use broad targeting and let users tell you if they are interested or not

2) Use narrow targeting (based on data or assumptions) and evaluate results

Use Any of the Strategies.
Both will surely fetch your results. You can use your Chatbot to get to know your audience a bit better, regardless of where your Chatbot lives. If you will ask the right questions, your Chatbot can bring useful information. This can help you define your audience and build your Customer Avatars . For startups, accumulating data from various data sources is critical. This data will help you in creating strategic decisions and reach your audience more efficiently. So, all you have to do is create a nice flow that incorporates relevant questions and use it as a data source to define your audience.

2. Qualify:

Fetching low-quality leads never helps. It is because you will have to spend 2x the time to qualify those leads either by phone, Email or any other way you are currently using. So, qualify your leads in an automated way so that you don’t have to do it manually. Not only it will save your time but will also help you get high-quality leads for your SaaS startup.

3. Build a Community:

To get value, you have to add value first. You have to add value on a constant basis to build a community. Some of the most successful SaaS startups know that. Here the most important point is: add value to your target audience through your Chatbot. This way you can manage to build a community of engaged subscribers that could, later on, become paying customers.

Make it “human-like”
One of the greatest advantages of chatbots is the way they “talk” like a human, They almost make users forgot that they are talking to a robot. This gives you an opportunity to create a personality for your chatbot. You can make it cool and really polite to your users. Like we all have crossed paths with a bad-tempered assistant sometime in our customer journey. This helps to power your virtual assistant with a human tone and set it up to sound like a friend. This helps to improve closeness between the brand and the user. This closeness will help to feel close with your customer. Because you'll be the first to come in your mind before they want something. 

4. Send Paid Traffic:

You must be thinking that you’ve already tried Facebook click-to-Messenger Ads, and they didn’t give you the desired results. It is because you are doing it wrong. The reason behind this failure is that you’re trying to sell before giving any value whatsoever before that.

If you try to add value through your Chatbot to deliver exclusive content or, by using it to educate your leads, you increase the opportunities of your paid Ads to have an actual return . It’s  not always concerning $ in your pocket , but in returning value.

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